Sunday, June 04, 2006

Almond Sharbat - Let's Chill!!

Summer is almost here and back home it's already frying up people. So, let's beat the heat with some sharbat. This is my favourite sharbat esp. when served chilled. I used to love going to Nathu's in Delhi to drink this one during the hot summer months. It not only chills you but also fills you up because it is so rich with almonds.

Traditionally, this drink is made in the month of Ramadan to break the fast. I know it too hot and so let's go straight to one of the easiest recipes for summer.

Almond Sharbat

Dedication: This recipe is dedicated to all my Muslim friends, Saba, Sadik and Reema

Serving: 4


  1. 50 gm ground almonds
  2. 600ml/2 cups milk
  3. 2 tsb granulated sugar or acc. to your own taste


  1. Put the ground almonds into a jug or pitcher
  2. Pour the milk and add the sugar
  3. Stir to mix
  4. Keep it in fridge for a while
  5. Serve cold (Tip: Chill the glasses in fridge before putting the sharbat. This is a good way to serve on a hot summer day)
  6. Enjoy!!

Hint for next recipe: "I" used to play chicken-chicken in a bucket.

Gossip of the week: Do you think Fanaa controversy will help the movie in making more moolah?